Student experience

Photo credit: Peter Casamento

A vibrant home for the Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts is one of the largest undergraduate degree programs at the University and comprises a large and varied cohort. With a diverse and ever increasing student body is it is essential to have an identifiable home for the Faculty of Arts' undergraduate programs.

Arts West enhances opportunities for our students to contribute to the dynamism of the Arts community and provides both a physical and metaphorical home for our suite of undergraduate programs. The building occupies a central position within the Arts Precinct, encouraging connection and learning between the Faculty of Arts and the University's rich Museums and Collections.

A place to relax on campus

In the Arts West building, students experience an engaging space in which they can learn and study. Both the building and its surrounds offers a range of formal and informal spaces for study, peer-to-peer learning, student enrichment activities and a place to relax on campus. The Arts precinct is a place for students to identify with and connect to through the Arts West building.

The world-class facilities not only provide dynamic teaching and learning spaces which enable future-directed learning with a globalised perspective but accelerate the uptake of new ideas and the adoption of new approaches to the learning, teaching and research experience.

Arts West garden space

The external garden landscaping references the University System Garden, showcasing plants of the southern hemisphere continents between 30°and 40° South Latitude. Notable flora includes the Spotted Gum (Corymbia maculata), Ombu (Phytolacca dioica), African Holly (Elaeodendron croceum) and the Peruvian Pepper (Schinus molle).

Arts West also has garden spaces accessible from the upper floors of the building, including the North Terrace and the West Terrace, intended to provide additional facilities for events and informal learning.

Photo credit: John Gollings