Teaching and learning

A vibrant educational tool

Arts West is the Faculty of Arts' most significant development in over 40 years. The building is a vibrant educational resource, tailored specifically to support the pedagogy of the Bachelor of Arts and teaching and learning in the humanities and social sciences.

Arts West is a proactive response to contemporary drivers of change including the democratisation of knowledge access and sharing, internationalisation and the digital world. In response to these changes we are ensuring that students, staff, industry partners and the community of the Faculty of Arts have access to world-class facilities and technologies to provide a globally competitive learning and teaching experience.

New learning spaces

The spaces have been purpose designed, and include facilities for collaborative and project based learning, interactive learning (including a cinema- quality interactive theatre), a media laboratory, and lecture and discursive spaces. There are two specialised teaching rooms to combine the great potential for object-based learning presented by Museums and Collections with our responsibilities for the care and conservation of these precious objects. For more information please see the Teaching with Unique Collections website.

Photo credit: John Gollings
Photo credit: John Gollings

Object-based learning and the new Arts West

Through an emphasis on object-engaged learning, the building provides students with the experience of first hand engagement with valuable cultural and rare collections material to inform their learning, drive research training, and enable an enriched experience of how knowledge is activated. Through Arts West, the Faculty continues to deliver the Bachelor of Arts, an undergraduate degree with an undergraduate degree with over 30 majors across more than 40 disciplines, giving our students the richness and depth of education that The University of Melbourne is famous for.

Immediately adjacent to the Atrium, the Arts West Gallery displays curated collections of objects and artefacts from the University's Museums and Collections.

Visit the Teaching with Unique Collections website

Future based learning in world class spaces

Arts West provides dynamic spaces, which enable a wide variety of future, directed forms of learning including object and media based teaching. The building delivers a wide range of teaching spaces which greatly facilitate our students learning experience and course satisfaction. The building places the University's valuable cultural collections at the centre of the curriculum and facilitates a unique campus-based learning experience and greater opportunity for community education.

Arts West reaffirms Arts as an intrinsic part of the New Generation curriculum. The building drives future-based learning in world class spaces allowing students to expand their learning experience out into the increasingly digitalised and globalised world whilst simultaneously focusing inwards on their education in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Digital Humanities

The Digital Studio is located in Arts West on levels 2 and 3 of the West Wing. Set across two floors, the Digital Studio provides a range of services and infrastructure to support University researchers, professionals and selected industry experts and students working on digital projects in the humanities, arts and social sciences (HASS). The Digital Studio assists the Faculty of Arts in building scale in significant and interdisciplinary fields of research endeavour. The Studio is equipped with digitisation facilities, immersive screens and specialised software.

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Photo credit: John Gollings